Environmental Solutions

SV Agri works in the environmental space to make our planet safer and cleaner and our factories more responsible and efficient. We provide air and water treatment solutions for the factories. We also design and execute treatment plants to handle Solid and the waste water effluent to meet the strictest of environmental standards.

Waste Water Treatment

SV Agri provides Engineering and Turnkey solutions in the field of Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Treatment. We work in the following areas:

• Domestic sewage treatment with conventional ASP, MBBR, SBR & MBR treatment technologies
• Industrial effluent treatment with zero discharge system
• Anaerobic digesters with biogas production plants
• Packaged & Skid mounted waste water treatment plants
• Equipment Supplies for Waste Water Treatment systems
• Bar Screens
• O&G removal Systems,
• Clarifiers and Clarifloculators
• Pressure sand Filter and Activated carbon Filter
• Diffused Aeration Systems for biological treatment
• Revamping of Old plants and Capacity enhancement
• Erection & commissioning of Waste water treatment plants
• ETP and STP Auditing and reporting for efficiency enhancement.

Water Management

We can cater to industries in the field of Water Management. We work in the following areas:

• Industrial and domestic Water requirement envisaging and Water Balance preparation
• Water treatment Plants and Filtration Units
• Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Plants for drinking and process water requirements
• Softener and Demineralization Plants
• Disinfection plants
• Packaged & Skid Mounted water Treatment Plants.

Environmental Management

We also perform water and other audits and suggest maintenance and management solutions. We work in the following areas:

• Water Audit
• Environmental Audit
• Water Foot Print Studies
• Rain water harvesting and storm water management
• Revamping of existing treatment plants
• Operation and maintenance of Water and Wastewater treatment plants.