Agri Inputs

Good quality planting material is central to achieve higher production and good quality produce. Our rigorous quality control processes ensure availability of good quality planting material for our farmers.

S V Agri works with the agri eco system to enable availability of good quality of inputs for our farmer. S V is working with large fertilizer companies for enabling delivery of fertilizers to the farmers door step. We represent some of the largest fertilizers in the country in our regions as distributor. Recognizing the need for improving soil condition and its criticality to potato crop, we acquired controlling stakes in an organic fertilizer company producing “Diamond Lifter” & “Diamond Grow” SV actively promotes use of organic fertilizers to improve soil quality.

Good pest & disease management is central to any package of practice for vegetables. We work with some the best names in agro chemicals industry as distributors.


Facilitating finance

S.V Agri considers access to finance as a critical input and hence actively works with Banks and NBFC's to catalyze the flow of credit to our farmers. At present. we work with a few public sector banks, We are looking forward to creating more such partnerships in this field and offer the best financing options to our farmers


Facilitating insurance

SV Agri works to catalyze the process of getting farmers active access to crop insurance. At present, SV Agri is works with leading insurance companies and is planning to develop more such partnerships in time.



Training is an essential input to our intervention. Farmers and village level operative go through structured training schedule to instil maximum change. Typically a farmer associated with us gets exposed to good farming practices and safe use of agro chemicals. Last year we conducted over three hundred training programs involving farmers.


Quality Testing

Material supplied to SV Agri’s customers undergoes stringent quality tests. Network of calibrated quality testing labs across our operating region ensures delivery of predetermined quality to our customers.



SV Agri assures round the year supplies that meet the customer’s quality standards. SV Agri services all its clients with equal vigour and also caters to special grading requests. Please feel free to contact us.