International Associations

Kruger & Salecker

Krüger & Salecker are one of the leading manufacturers of formative machine for the food processing industry. Their range of products caters to the needs of small as well as medium and large scale snacks and confectionaries manufacturers. The product range includes:
• Moulding Machines
• Cereal Moulding Machines
• Rolling Machines
• Sprinkler Machines
• Extruders
• Figure Moulding Machines etc.

For more details of these products visit: Our team of experts also provides consulting, layout planning, product development and manufacturing support and after sales support to our customers. For product and sales inquiries click here


Mooij, a part of the Hotraco Group, are specialist in storage of potatoes, onions and carrots since 1981. Mooij through its own highly innovative measure and control equipment guarantees highest fail-safe solution for your valuable produce.

Mooij has an extensive world-wide dealer network for optimum sales support, installation training and after sales service.

In India, SV Agri along with Mooij are working extensively for innovative, reliable and result oriented technology for storage in bulk, bins and bag cold-stores of potatoes.

We believe in cooling the crop, not the room. We offer end to end solutions for your potato stores. Some key features of our solutions include:
• Most silent fans with lowest energy consumption.
• High Efficiency Heat Exchangers for CO2 flush.
• Less Weight loss and ambient cooling through Humidicells.
• Continuous monitoring of product through Weight Watcher.

We deliver the most customized solutions to clients. For more details click here and leave a message.