Project Management

We enable technical access to performance focused solutions for the food industry. Projects range from finalizing single equipment to undertaking complete project management consultancies. SV Agri is one of the most multi-faceted solution providers in the food processing sector.

Technical Management Services
We provide practical advice and project management services to clients who can benefit from our sound understanding of the processing industry . We believe our commitment to the industry and our passion in serving our clients to the very best of our abilities helps make us stand out. Our package includes :

• Capacity, layout and flow designs
• Equipment make and machinery specifications.
• Engineering and procurement.
• On-site Supervision/ Execution
• Production and Procurement Planning
• Costing and Budgeting
• R&D Lab set up
Commercial Management Services
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how SV Agri can help you achieve your business objectives. Contact us for further details on the following:

• Financial Management:
• Banking Assistance
• Legal Assistance
• Launch Strategies

Existing Plants Makeover

Existing Plants always throw up opportunities in improving conversion yields and reducing costs. Improvement Projects ranging from 1 week to 6 months are taken up to :

• Effective raw material usage.
▪ Reduce overall Conversion Cost through Audits on power, fuel, water and effluent.
• Develop new and existing products.
• Convert lab scale models to commercial scale operations.
• Meet Standards through Quality System Checks.