What differentiates SV Agri is its ability to craft Innovative and highly customized solutions using proven manufacturing practices. It is this unique blend of these three qualities that allows us to create solutions that perform beyond client expectations.




Our deep passion and commitment to excellence allow us to come up with a out of box ideas and transform them into value added solutions.

On account of our innovative offerings, SV Agri has a strong presence in potato supply chain, storage solutions, processing equipment and water treatment solutions.


We believe in providing solutions best suited for your requirements, which work seamlessly and provide long and reliable operations.

SV Agri has been partnering with some of the leading food brands to provide highly customized solutions to cater to their specific requirements. Our solutions offer best in market performance and optimum and consistent product quality over a long time.



Our complimentary understanding of food processing and product engineering differentiates us from the rest. Over the years, SV Agri has strategically invested in building manufacturing capabilities. The portfolio of products we manufacture is increasing steadily as we come up with solutions to unsolved challenges.