Conveying systems play a major role in efficient, hygienic and safe operation of food processing plants. Even though conveyors do not add any direct value to the product, if not designed properly, they can lead to major losses such as spillage and breakage of the product during its transfer. SV Agri manufactures a wide range of conveying systems for different product lines. We specialize in providing customized conveying systems designed by taking in consideration minutest of the details of your process.

Being acknowledged for our hygiene and food safety standards, we are also known for our meticulously engineered systems which offer smooth and safe material transfer. We manufacture

Our Differentiators :

  • Customized to match different throughput requirements.
  • Zero spillage transfer at various speed and feed rates.
  • The chutes and channels are fabricated in stainless steel with glass bead finish to offer flexibility to remove surface imperfections including burrs, rust, scales, and paint removal.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Available Models/Variants :

  • Straight conveyors for horizontal transfer.
  • Inclined and declined conveyors for lifting and lowering of material at different heights.
  • Z-transfer conveyors.
  • Telescopic conveyors used to retract material backwards.