End to End Solutions in Potato Supply Chain


From Producing high quality potato seeds and providing potato storage solutions to engineering best in class processing equipment, Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt. Ltd. is a player well known globally for providing end-to-end customised solutions in potato supply chain.

Through our two primary business divisions, Agri and Engineering, we provide a full basket of solutions and operate in a farm to fork model.

Agri Business

SV Agri's Agri Business Division has deep penetration in the potato value chain. We are committed to providing high quality potato seeds and knowledge of producing process grade potatoes to farmers across the country. We also have a strong storage and retail network through which we provide process grade potatoes to snacks manufacturers round the year. Know More >

Engineering Business

Through our Engineering Business Division, we engineer and manufacture a wide range of processing equipment like Extruded Snacks Lines, Flavouring Systems, Distribution and Conveying Systems etc. Not limited to these, our product range also encompasses Effluent Treatment Plants, Starch Recovery Plants etc. Know More >

Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt. Ltd.
Hemant Gaur

Mr. Gaur is a leading figure in the potato world and has served with many major payers including Pepsico and ITC.

Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt. Ltd.
Ganesh Pawar

Mr. Pawar Has Worked With Pepsico And ITC During His 20 Years Of Experience In The Corporate Sector., Mr. Pawar Has A Nuanced Understanding Of The Challenges Of Working At The Grass Root Level Owing To His Hands On Experience On The Field.

Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt. Ltd.
Kaushik Malpani

Mr. Malpani Has Over 5 Years Of Experience With ITC Across Various Functions. Mr. Malpani Leads The Technical Wing Of SV Agri . His Fine Understanding Of Food Processing Has Won Many Accolades From National And International Players.